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Looking for a good 

Pittsburgh tree guy?

Look no further! We give you the peace of mind that your landscaping project or midnight emergency is handled. We offer you the best services in town!From repairs to maintenance we bring your life back to normal.We provide reliable, affordable services for your home or office. 

problems we can fix

Tree Removals

Cut down and remove a tree from your property.

Tree Thinning

Open the canopy of your tree with selective branch removal.

Emergency Service

Take care of a fallen tree or broken limb that is damaging property and exposing you to the elements. 

Tree Pruning

Remove dead, dying, and diseased branches from your tree.

Tree Limbing

Remove branches or limbs from your tree trunk.

Height Reduction

Maintain the overall canopy size you want for your tree.

Complete processing & cleanup

  • We are a small business delivering professional tree services for residential and commercial spaces
  •  We have highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service for all residential work, so there’s no need for you to be sitting exposed to the elements, or in a potentially hazardous situation
Peace of Mind

How the process STARTS!

Call us up to briefly share your situation and location and we'll be on-site to evaluate the scenario and give you an estimate as soon as possible!

our happy clients

Kristie Brunn

Had an emergency situation with part of our tree falling after a big storm. Called Gerry and he was at our home within an hour. He took a good look at the tree, gave us a quote and immediately got right to work. I will forever be grateful to Gerry for taking care of us as quickly as he did! I would definitely use him again in the future!

Tanying Dong

A tree from the neighbor's yard fell into our yard and knocked down part of our fence. Gerry responded right away when I called and came within an hour, assessed the situation, and the part of the tree that was in our yard had been removed by the end of the day. He even rebuilt our fence segment with the lattice top to match. Gerry is knowledgeable about trees and professional. His rates are reasonable and he is good at dealing with insurance companies. I highly recommend his services.

Anne Kolesar

Enthusiastic. Fast. Direct. Did way more than I asked for (and more than I realized I needed) and NEVER raised the price. In fact, he found ways to LOWER it ("senior citizen discount.") And he gave me great advice about Life while he was at it!

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